• Cari Ryding RN, MSN, OCN

    Holistic Healing and Energy Work Designed Specifically For You

  • Who I Am

    I teach people how to fully love and accept who they are.

    Cari Ryding RN, MSN, OCN

    Why does self love and self acceptance matter?


    Early on in my career, I saw that western medicine was limited in its ability to help people return to a sense of wholeness and health. Thus I began a personal exploration of integrative and holistic care. ( with the whole person) I decided to search for how to make myself feel whole and connected.


    Why does your philosophy matter?


    The holistic philosophy of care helped me to understand that each individual is comprised of energy- and each of us has a mind, a body, a heart and a spirit. I began to try to understand the four aspects of myself. Through my own journey of healing and finding health, I became a student of many techniques such as quantum physical healing, acupuncture, EMDR, and several types of energy work. I noticed that the thoughts running through my mind weren't very kind to me. I found that my body struggled at certain times and I had the same emotional patterns that kept repeating themselves leading to ongoing distress. Equally powerfully, I discovered my spirit self, which is a wise voice within me that knows who I really am and guides me through life when it isn't overshadowed by the other three aspects of myself. There is an ever flowing communication between the mind, the body, the heart and the spirit and it is deeply sensitive.


    Is healing possible?


    Because we are energetic multidimensional beings, healing is possible through many avenues. Seven years ago, I opened my own healing practice in order to create a space for people who are seeking support beyond what traditional medicine has to offer. My mission is to teach others how to love, trust and accept themselves during challenging personal circumstances. I found that when I could accept things that were beyond my control, and love myself through them, I could connect with others around the challenging human conditions that we all experience. As much as our culture would like us to think we can heal and transform ourselves alone, I have found this to be deeply profound work that requires support.



  • What I Do


    I facilitate a transformative process that enables people to experience themselves as both human and divine. Because I am able to experience the client's whole self and all of the energetic layers, I am able to guide each client to better understand how they are uniquely created and driven to be who they are. This is such a foreign concept for most of us, but we are all already whole. We live in a society where we have been made to feel less than or not enough. Everything that has happened in our life has had a purpose, and if we are open to the journey of discovering who we are- we can understand our patterns and develop compassion and kindness for ourselves and our experiences.


    Sessions may include: the releasing of negative beliefs and thought patterns which can contribute to physical and emotional pain; teaching tools and processes for self care and compassion; meditations that offer clients the experience of their divine self and unconditional love; and ongoing education and guidance about how to care for our sensitive selves in this stress filled world.


    My Ideal client: The professional woman that is drowning in a sea of self doubt and confusion as she manages the many responsibilities of work, relationships and family.


    My mission: To help her discover how to care for herself so that she feels capable and connected to who she is.

    Additional areas of Expertise: People affected by cancer and those impacted by mental health struggles.


    I work one on one with clients in person in Natick, MA. I am available to work with people all over the world over the phone or with Skype. I teach live classes regularly at Roots and Wings in Natick, MA and by invitation elsewhere.





    Contact Cari for 15 minute consultation

    Cari spends 15 minutes hearing your story and sharing what she thinks may benefit you by working with her. This gives you a chance to see if working with Cari is a good fit. If not, she will recommend another option for you to find the support and help you are looking for. Or Cari is open to discussing topics for speaking on holistic care and how to live a life based in self love and self acceptance.

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    Cari books by appointment only. She has two types of packages that she offers depending on what you are looking for. You can book for 3 months or 6 months at a time. To determine which package might be best for you, Cari can create a plan that works for your life.

  • Testimonials

    "My favorite part of working with Cari is that she puts her finger directly on the issue. She explains it to me in a rich and visual way which allows me to see and understand my own heart and mind from the inside out. Cari has a gift for seeing clearly the places where people are stuck. She guided me through those places in a gentle and safe way – and she was mindful about how I can handle change."

    - Ann L. ,Illinois


    "During my first session with Cari, I know my life completely shifted. Places where I was stuck became unstuck and I suddenly had the confidence to face the things that were holding me back. In the year that we have been working together, my life has completely changed – I have an inner peace, a lack of anxiety and a trust that the universe will give me what I need. My favorite part of working with Cari is that she has witnessed my change and she always sits without judgement. I think you have to be open to change from this work because you are forever changed by it."

     - Hilary S. ,Massachusetts


    "I was skeptical of Cari’s work. I couldn’t understand how she could know what she knows and make me feel better. I was open, though, and after the first time, it was so clear that it worked – it was amazing. I am still shocked by how she does this and how much better I feel after she does. I feel lighter, happier and better after you do a session. She works with me remotely so I don’t always know when she is going to do the work until I start feeling better – and the I open my email and I now why. Cari helps me ferret out the issues that my conscious mind doesn’t go to."

    - Jason M. , Massachusetts


    " I have worked with Cari for over five years and she has been instrumental in helping me weather many storms and in finding my true life’s purpose. Whether I was experiencing emotional or physical pain or just a loss of hope, my work with her has been like nothing else I have experienced. I always feel like Cari facilitate's the release of something that is blocked inside of me that was contributing to my struggles. Consequently I can see and feel things differently. Even in my worst moments, she was able to bring me relief and help me find answers when I thought there were none. I have recommended lots of people to work with her, and they have also experienced relief and clarity. "

    - Lisa A. , Massachusetts


    I find Cari’s energy gorgeous. When she creates a sacred space, it feels like being held in an embrace. Her ability to perceive and access truth, to see and hold the larger perspective, and to facilitate others in love—true, unconditional acceptance and wholeness and love—is a profoundly healing experience and truly rare. As are her great kindness, care, and integrity. If you are looking to open to the Universal source of your being, Cari can help. If you are looking to feel more support, inner clarity, and grace amidst life’s tremendous challenges, to feel more self-love and self-acceptance as you move through this human lifetime, Cari can help there too.

    - Kristin L, California

    When you take the time to find your true self, your whole world opens up and everything changes.